About Us

Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the production and sales of high-end cashmere products enterprises. As the official certification partner of Made In China 2025, our company is one of the largest manufacturers of high-end cashmere products in China. We aim to provide the vast number of consumers with high-quality cashmere products, and help cashmere distribution enterprises to build more convenient cashmere products network sales platform



The production area of the company is located in the Mongolian plateau, the world's most high-quality cashmere production area, which is in the core of Eurasia, with the winter temperature reaching 46 degrees below zero. Goats raised in these extreme climates can produce wool with fiber fineness of 14.0 microns and length of more than 38 millimeters, which is superior to animal fibers raised in warm areas in terms of warmth and softness. Due to special geographical and climatic reasons, these natural fibers have high quality characteristics that other areas can not be compared with.



The "Gobi Altai", our company's brand, adheres to the product concept of strict material selection and exquisite craftsmanship, our designers from time to time take part in large-scale fashion week exhibitions such as Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week to develop and produce high-quality cashmere products by combining international fashion trends. such as cashmere sweaters, scarves and overcoats, etc.



Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., is located in the world's high-quality cashmere origin in Inner Mongolia. With the unique resource advantage, strict quality control consciousness and experienced professional sales team, and equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment, including Germany STOLL Company’s Automatic Flat Knitting Machine, Steam Dryer, etc., we can cope with the design and production of various complex styles and technology .

Since company established in 2008, we have been developing and have established good cooperative relations with many international famous clothing brands. Such as NEIMANMARCUS and C&P, etc., we provide them with various cashmere clothing products for OEM processing. Our company produces 200,000 pieces of cashmere sweaters, 500,000 pieces of cashmere scarves, 10,000 pieces of cashmere overcoats and 100,000 pieces of other cashmere products annually. The company provides thoughtful product production and follow-up sales services to satisfy the different needs of customers from all over the world. 80% of the products are exported to the United States, the European Union, Australia, Japan and South Korea, ect., which are widely praised by customers worldwide.





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